EMMAA Statement Evidence PageΒΆ

Any statement displayed on any of the other pages (model page, detailed test or query results) is linked to a statement evidence page where evidences from different sources can be browsed and curated.


Statement evidence view

At the top of the table, the statement itself is presented followed by a list of sentences supporting this statement. There are several badges that represent additional information about the statement. The blue badge with a flag in the example above shows have many paths this statement is a part of. A green or a red badge with a pencil shows how many times this statement was curated as correct or incorrect respectively. The grey badge shows the number of loaded evidence and the total number of evidences supporting this statement. Clicking on the JSON badge opens a new page containing the JSON representation of the statement. For each evidence the knowledge source and external link to the publication is given. Clicking on the pencil badge to the left of the evidence, a user can curate this evidence.