EMMAA Architecture and Approach

The Ecosystem of Machine-maintained Models with Automated Analysis is available at http://github.com/indralab/emmaa, with the EMMAA Model Dashboard at http://emmaa.indra.bio.

The main idea behind EMMAA is to create a set of computational models that are kept up-to-date using automated machine reading, knowledge-assembly, and model generation, integrating new discoveries immediately as they become available.

As a key component of the approach, models are automatically tested against experimental observations (also automatically gathered and associated with models). Models are also available for automated analysis in which relevant queries that fall within the scope of each model can be automatically mapped to structural and dynamical analysis procedures on the model. Currently, the Dashboard supports running and registering queries with respect to one or more existing models. In the near future, EMMAA will automatically recognize and report changes to each model that result in meaningful changes to analysis results.