EMMAA All Statements Page

The All statements page allows to browse and curate statement evidences similar to the statement evidence page but in this case all statements in the model are listed. By clicking on any statement, a user can open its evidences. By default the statements are sorted by the number of supporting evidence they have, but it is possible to sort them by the number of paths they contribute to or by their belief score - select the preferred sorting option from the dropdown. The “Previous” and “Next” buttons allow to page through the full list of statements (only 1000 statements per page are loaded). It’s also possible to download all statements in JSON format by clicking on “Download Statements.” There are several filters that can be applied to the statement list to display only a subset of statements based on some criteria:

  • Filter out the statements that have been already curated.

  • Filter statements to one or more statement types.

  • Filter statements to those that have belief within a given range.

  • Filter statements to those that contain an agent of interest.


Request to filter all model statements to Inhibition statements about BRAF with belief score above 0.85 and sort them by belief

Each statement can have multiple badges that have the same meaning as in the statement evidence page. A blue badge with a flag shows how many paths this statement is a part of. A green or red badge with a pencil shows how many times this statement was curated as correct or incorrect respectively. An orange badge shows statement’s belief score. A grey badge shows the number of loaded evidences and the total number of evidences supporting this statement. Clicking on the JSON badge opens a new page containing the JSON representation of the statement.


All statements page view