EMMAA Models Page

The models page contains detailed information about the selected model in two tabs: Model and Tests. At the top of the page the selected model is shown in a drop-down menu. Another model can also be selected and loaded from the menu.

Model Tab

The model tab contains model info with the date the model was last updated and links to the NDEx website where a network view of the model can be examined. The page also displays properties of the current state of the model, namely, the distribution of statement types, the top 10 agents in the model, and the statements with the most evidential support from various knowledge sources. Further, the page shows how the number of statements in the model has evolved over time, and which statements were added to the model during the most recent update.


The top of the model tab

Tests Tab

The tests tab contains two related plots: one showing the evolution over time of the percentage of applicable tests that passed, and another showing the absolute number of tests that were applied to the model and the number of tests that passed.


The top of the tests tab showing the percentage of tests passed and applied and passed tests

If any new tests were applied in the latest test run of the model they are shown under New Applied Tests, while the new tests that passed are shown under New Passed Tests.


If new tests were applied, they will be shown together with a breakdown of which tests passed

Further down, all tests applied to the model are shown. A green check mark is shown for tests that passed, along with an English language summary of how, specifically, the model satisfies the test condition. For tests that didn’t pass, a red cross is shown, along with the reason for the model not having passed the test (e.g., “Statement subject not in model”).


Part of the list showing all applied tests with a status indicator for passed/failed