EMMAA Individual Paper Page

By clicking on a paper title on the Papers tab on model page, a user is redirected to an individual paper page that contains model statements from this paper. The view here is similar to the statement evidence or the all statements page with the exception that the statements and evidences are filtered to only those that are extracted from a given paper. To browse and curate the evidences, a user needs to click on a statement. Each statement can have multiple badges that have the same meaning as in the statement evidence page. A blue badge with a flag shows have many paths this statement is a part of. A green or a red badge with a pencil shows how many times this statement was curated as correct or incorrect respectively. An orange badge shows the statement’s belief score. The grey badge shows the number of loaded evidences and the total number of evidences supporting this statement. Clicking on the JSON badge opens a new page containing the JSON representation of the statement.


Individual paper page view

If available, the Figures tab on this page also shows figures and tables from this publication.