EMMAA Model Queries

The Queries page can be accessed by clicking the “Queries” link at the top of the Dashboard website.

Submitting a Query

The model queries page can answer direct queries about one or more models. A query consists of a statement type, a subject, and an object. Together with the query, at least one model needs to be selected for the query submission to be valid. A query can also optionally be submitted for registration. With this option, when returning to the page, previous queries will be loaded with their latest result.


The query ready to be submitted that asks if BRAF activates ERK in the AML cancer model.

If the query is badly formatted or missing information, an error will be shown stating the type of error.

The query will be received by the query service and return a response which is displayed in the Results table below. The result for each model is either a mechanistic path reported in English language which satisfies the query condition, or an explanation of why the query could not be evaluated on the model.

The page displays “Waiting for server response” and a loader bar while the query is being executed. The typical response time can be up to a minute so please be patient when posting queries.